1 Corinthians 2:9

It’s a verse that’s easy to skim over, but definitely one we shouldn’t.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”

The first time I read this I thought to myself “that’s wonderful,” but didn’t allow the words to reach my soul.

Today when I read it, I took a second to dream up the most amazing life I could picture myself living and reread the verse, now realizing that if we allow Him to, He will give us more than that. MORE than our minds can even conceive. But only if we accept what he gives us with grateful hearts and if we choose to look at our lives through His eyes.

I hope this changes the not only your understanding on 1 Corinthians 2:9, but also the way in which you accept what God has prepared for you.



Hello everyone!
I just wanted to say I really appreciate those who have read an enjoyed the things I’ve posted up to now! I am so glad that the blog is being well received!!
Also, just a reminder to bear with me. I’m still getting WordPress figured out. One of these days I’d love to upgrade the blog… but as of right now, I’m broke.
You’re prayers for the blog’s success would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much & God bless!

Take advantage of Post-its!

One of the most beneficial things I’ve done to improve and strengthen my relationship is so incredibly simple it almost sounds dumb. I write verses, song lyrics, prayer reminders (anything to help strengthen my relationship with God) on post-its and stick them EVERYWHERE.

ronaldreaganIn my car, on the bathroom mirror, my laptop case, my notebooks for class, inside my makeup drawer, by the light switch, my nightstand, bedroom doors, inside my closet, the wall by my bed, the medicine cabinet, etc. Anywhere I may look during the day, I place a post-it there.

What does this do? It helps me to remember to be in constant communication. It reminds me god loves me. It helps me memorize scripture. It trains my brain to pray more often. The list goes on and on!

stress and gods word

Other ideas to help place reminders of god in your daily schedule:

  • Put a verse as the background on your phone. (You can even type one up in Notes and screen shot it).
  • Set a good Christian song as your alarm clock so you start each day thinking of god
  • Put a reminder to pray or a verse in your day planner/agenda. I like to write random verses on random days in the future and be surprised with them throughout the year
  • Write something that’ll make you thing of Him on your hand. You can even just draw a little cross!
  • Use the stickies app on your mac
  • Laminate index cards to put on the shower wall
  • Paint your favorite verse on a canvas and hang it on the wall
  • Set alarms/reminders in your phone to remind you it’s time to read the Bible
  • Write with a dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror
  • If you have other ideas or things you do, comment below!

I’ll put up some of my favorite verses later for those of you that aren’t sure which ones to pick!

Meditating on the Word

The Word of God is a precious thing that we should treat as a luxury. The more deeply we indulge in the Word, the more understanding, absolute, unbreakable, and radiant we become. The word allows us to reach a potential that is unattainable otherwise. It holds secrets that comfort, teach, and expand us like nothing else can.

I recently experienced a moment where I realized that no matter how many minutes I have left on this earth, I will never have enough time to learn as much as I wish I could. And in a way, it was the best feeling. Even though I know I’ll never be able to learn it all, I am driven to experience as much as I possibly can with the time God has allotted for me.

Pick one verse and sit in awe for a little while. Let your mind begin to unravel the secrets within the words. Ask God to show you deeper levels of the verse and open your eyes to the meaning and how it applies to your life personally.

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law- Psalm 119:18

Strategies for meditating:

  • Visualize it – Picture the scene in your mind.
  • Repeat it – Say the verse aloud and emphasize different words each time.
  • Paraphrase it – Rewrite the verse in your own words. You can look up the verse in different versions of the Bible to help you create a paraphrase of your own.
  • Apply it – Replace pronouns or people in the verse with your name to give it intimacy. Think about how it relates to different aspects of your life. Health, finances, struggles, friends & family, work, worries, self, etc.
  • Pray it – Turn the verse into a prayer and say it to God.

The things learned during meditation are awe-inspiring treasures. Keep a pen & paper near by and set an alarm because trust me, time flies! Best of luck

Genuinely studying the Bible

I sometimes find myself thinking of “reading the Bible” as something to mark off of a checklist, a chore to complete. And I’m sure we’ve all experienced that moment where we realize our Bible is literally collecting dust.. So I’ve worked on increasing and improving my time spent studying the Bible I’m really excited to share with you guys how I made it happen! This post is to help you want to read the Word and love doing so!

First off, change your perspective. I think we can always use the reminder that the Bible is a blessing. It’s a personal message to you from God. That’s pretty amazing if you take a moment to think about it. Be thankful that you get to read the Word of God whenever you want.

Second: P8dc45d6fbac0e143a527136f3e0051bfray. Ask God to change your heart and place a craving for the Word in your heart! It makes a world of difference.

Third: When you’re actually reading, don’t worry about how much you’re reading. Instead, take time for what you read to really sink in. This is the best improvement I’ve made in my Bible study. It is so fascinating to pick a verse and take a moment to meditate on each of it’s words. Pray for a deeper understanding of the meaning. Write down whatever comes to you during this time. The feeling of doing this is unfathomable. Don’t be discouraged if it’s difficult at first, pray for help instead! (Read my post “Meditating on the Word”)

These are just a few ways to enhance your time studying scripture.

“A bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t” -Charles Spurgeon


The Story

I wanted to share with you today a wonderful book I’ve been reading called The Story (I have the Teen Edition, but I don’t know what the difference is) by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee. It is the story of the Bible written like a novel! It condenses the stories of the Bible into 31 chapters (mine is 470 pages total).the story

Finally a chance to understand the characters, stories, and timeline of the whole Bible!

I like to write in it, highlight certain things, and I even take notes while I read. It can be a little confusing because there is SO much going on, but it’s a really great story. I definitely recommend you read this book. I got mine at Mardel’s for $15 I think. It is sort of difficult for me to understand if I’m reading through it like I would with a regular book

I love this book because it helps you connect and feel attached to the people of the Bible. It makes reading the books of the Bible much easier to understand once you’ve heard The Story.