About the blog:

It was June 25 when God gave me the great idea to start up a blog about the things He’s taught me. I was in the shower when the thought popped into my head. Isn’t that where all good ideas uncover themselves? Now it’s not like I hadn’t thought about having a blog or writing a book or something like that before (haven’t we all at some point?). But when I’d thought of it previously, I didn’t actually think I could do it successfully. I could just picture it’s turnout: the lonely blog with no followers lost somewhere in cyberspace. Until June 25 in the shower. It seemed possible that God would make a way for me to pull it off. So here I am writing this blog. But I would like to give all credit to God. He has given me the words to say in each of these entries and I couldn’t have done any of it without His faith and encouragement. And I am so glad we are walking this path together!

I’m not sure how you found this blog, but I’m thrilled that you did! I wanted to give you a quick introduction and preview to the things I’ll be posting about..

I plan to post at least once each week. In my posts, I’ll be writing about whatever it is that God wants me to as well as sharing things such as sermons, videos, books, etc that I find special.

I intend for this blog to address beginners as well as those who have come to know Christ previously. I hope that this blog will help you gain new perspectives and encourage you to spend more time in His presence.


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