Genuinely studying the Bible

I sometimes find myself thinking of “reading the Bible” as something to mark off of a checklist, a chore to complete. And I’m sure we’ve all experienced that moment where we realize our Bible is literally collecting dust.. So I’ve worked on increasing and improving my time spent studying the Bible I’m really excited to share with you guys how I made it happen! This post is to help you want to read the Word and love doing so!

First off, change your perspective. I think we can always use the reminder that the Bible is a blessing. It’s a personal message to you from God. That’s pretty amazing if you take a moment to think about it. Be thankful that you get to read the Word of God whenever you want.

Second: P8dc45d6fbac0e143a527136f3e0051bfray. Ask God to change your heart and place a craving for the Word in your heart! It makes a world of difference.

Third: When you’re actually reading, don’t worry about how much you’re reading. Instead, take time for what you read to really sink in. This is the best improvement I’ve made in my Bible study. It is so fascinating to pick a verse and take a moment to meditate on each of it’s words. Pray for a deeper understanding of the meaning. Write down whatever comes to you during this time. The feeling of doing this is unfathomable. Don’t be discouraged if it’s difficult at first, pray for help instead! (Read my post “Meditating on the Word”)

These are just a few ways to enhance your time studying scripture.

“A bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t” -Charles Spurgeon