Take advantage of Post-its!

One of the most beneficial things I’ve done to improve and strengthen my relationship is so incredibly simple it almost sounds dumb. I write verses, song lyrics, prayer reminders (anything to help strengthen my relationship with God) on post-its and stick them EVERYWHERE.

ronaldreaganIn my car, on the bathroom mirror, my laptop case, my notebooks for class, inside my makeup drawer, by the light switch, my nightstand, bedroom doors, inside my closet, the wall by my bed, the medicine cabinet, etc. Anywhere I may look during the day, I place a post-it there.

What does this do? It helps me to remember to be in constant communication. It reminds me god loves me. It helps me memorize scripture. It trains my brain to pray more often. The list goes on and on!

stress and gods word

Other ideas to help place reminders of god in your daily schedule:

  • Put a verse as the background on your phone. (You can even type one up in Notes and screen shot it).
  • Set a good Christian song as your alarm clock so you start each day thinking of god
  • Put a reminder to pray or a verse in your day planner/agenda. I like to write random verses on random days in the future and be surprised with them throughout the year
  • Write something that’ll make you thing of Him on your hand. You can even just draw a little cross!
  • Use the stickies app on your mac
  • Laminate index cards to put on the shower wall
  • Paint your favorite verse on a canvas and hang it on the wall
  • Set alarms/reminders in your phone to remind you it’s time to read the Bible
  • Write with a dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror
  • If you have other ideas or things you do, comment below!

I’ll put up some of my favorite verses later for those of you that aren’t sure which ones to pick!